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What's included?

Singing Ourselves Home - September 2024

What's included?


Singing with Sophia: Expect to sing a lot! There will be a mixture of group harmony singing and workshop-style classes. Singing will be spread across five morning sessions (2 hours each) and two evening sessions (1 hour each).  

Accommodation: Your choice of room is included in the price.


Meals: The menu for the holiday is delicious vegetarian food. There will be fresh, seasonal dishes using ingredients from Puglia's local markets. Puglia is known as the 'garden of Italy' so guests can expect a wide variety of incredible fruits, vegetables and grains plus delicious cheeses.


Breakfast is self-catered by guests in each apartment but an assortment of breakfast items will be available in your kitchen. Lunch is provided every day. Dinner is provided 3 out of 5 days. There will be two dinners out at local restaurants, which are at the guest's own expense.

Alcohol: Table wine is provided at dinner.

Airport transfers: There is one airport transfer available on each travel day, from Bari airport only. There are typically two midday flights arriving from London airports each day. The transfer will cover the majority of guests' arrival times. If your flight is not covered, you will need to make your own way to the Villa. 

Yoga and activities: There are two optional morning yoga classes and three optional afternoon activities. Taxis for the activities are included in your booking.

Towels: Towels are available for inside use, and separate towels for outdoor use. 

What's not included?

Flights: You will need to book your own return flights to Bari airport.  

Restaurant meals: There are two optional evening meals at local restaurants. All food and drink will be at the guests' own expense. Dinner will not be provided at the house on restaurant evenings, so guests would need to self-cater. 

Special requests: For any additional requests outside of what is provided, we are happy to accommodate with expenses covered by the guest.

Travel insurance: Please remember to buy your own travel insurance, and supply a copy of this upon request.

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