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5 things to do in Ostuni

Citta Bianca’ (The White City) or Ostuni, sits high in the luscious valley of Puglia’s Valle d’Itria. Its hilltop location and large city walls were built to ward off foreign invaders. But now, it’s winding city streets, houses built upon houses and years of history are open to explorers and a joy to behold.

Worth dedicating at least 2 days to, Ostuni is a fantastic place to discover slowly. It’s a city that rewards spontaneity, with every alley and square offering new perspective and potential for a fantastic view.

1. Join the locals on market day

The local market takes place every Saturday. Here you can browse a variety of stalls selling everything, from fruit and vegetables to clothes and handmade crafts. It’s also a chance to soak up the language and behaviours of the locals!

2. Eat at Borgo Antico Bistro

Ostuni has some gorgeous views of the nearby Adriatic Sea and Borgo Antico Bistro has one of the best. As well as this, it offers a delicious sharing menu with fantastic pasta dishes and great cocktails. Watch the world go by with a drink in hand.

3. Visit the stunning Duomo di Ostuni Cathedral

Tucked right in the middle of the city’s Old Town is an impressive 15th-century cathedral. With a beautiful white stone-exterior, Gothic architecture and numerous ceiling paintings inside, it is a must visit.

4. Walk the city walls

Once you’ve explored the wonders of the centro storico, you’ll inevitably fall upon the outskirts of the city. But there is more to discover here, in the shape of the fine city walls. Medieval fortifications encircle the whole town and are accessible, in parts, to explore and take in the view.

5. Head to some of the incredible local beaches

Just a 10 minute drive from the city is some of Puglia’s most beautiful beaches, on a stretch of coast called ‘Marina de Ostuni’. Local favourites include Lido Morelli, Quatro di Monte and Torre Pozzella.


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